Rehab Cooling Unit (RCU)

Simple to use multiple-port cooler system

The RCU takes just seconds to set up and should be used anywhere responders are exposed to intense heat or are at risk for heat fatigue and heat-related illnesses. The multiple-port cooler system, patent-pending and unique to BreakThrough Innovations, uses a pump to circulate ice cold water from the holding vessel to each of the lightweight vests. Electric or battery powered, the system cools responders significantly faster than they can regulate an elevated core temperature on their own.

Integrate the RCU into your incident scene management to help meet the NFPA Standard 1584 requirements for responder rehabilitation, and more importantly, help responders stay safe and healthy, allowing them to quickly return to duty and effectively protect themselves and the community they are sworn to serve.


Product Description


Restore safe core temperatures in up to six responders simultaneously

A vital component of any firefighter rehabilitation station, the multiple person Rehab Cooling Unit (RCU) is highly portable and designed to help quickly restore safe core temperatures in up to six responders at the same time.

Product Features

Fill the cooler with ice and cold water and put on one of the cooling vests to instantly begin reducing an elevated core temperature. Excessive body heat is actively transferred from the person’s torso to the cold water circulating in a serpentine pattern within surgical-grade tubing sewn into the vest. Cooling the torso is dramatically more effective than trying to reduce body temperature by cooling the extremities. The rapid return to a normal core temperature quickly alleviates heat exhaustion, heat stress and associated symptoms while increasing mental clarity, productivity and morale.